The Great Orion Nebula
Photographed by Scott Davis on February 9, 2013
From Eastman Lake, California
The Great Orion Nebula, also known as M42, is one of the most beautiful objects in the sky, visible through binoculars and telescopes even from bright skies due to its brightness. This nebula also contains M43, which is the circular nebula just off the main nebula. Finally, to the right of the image is the Running Man Nebula, also known as NGC 1973, 1975, and 1977, a reflection nebula which seems to show the shadow of a man running through space.
Imaging Camera:
Canon EOS 60D
Imaging Scope/Lens:
Orion Astrograph 8" f/3.9 Newtonian
Celestron CGEM
Guide Scope/Camera:
Orion Shorttube 80mm w/ Starshoot Autoguider
Exposure Details:
This image is a blended composite of three separate image stacks. All three exposure sets were taken at ISO 1600. To expose for the trapezium, the shutter speed was set at 4 seconds, and 40 lights and 10 darks were acquired. A middle exposure was then taken, at 40 seconds, with 40 lights and darks acquired. Finally, a long exposure was taken to get the fainter clouds, which was 90 seconds, with 15 lights and 10 darks acquired.

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