My Most Southerly Star Trail
Photographed by Fred Lusk on June 9, 2005
From Mauna Kea, Hawaii (Onizuka Center for Int'l Astronomy)
This is the most southerly star trail I have yet taken. In this image are Alpha & Beta Centauri, globular cluster Omega Centauri, the Southern Cross in Crux, and other stars not visible from Fresno. (Omega Cen is visible from Fresno, but barely.)
Imaging Camera:
Olympus OM-4T (35 mm SLR)
Imaging Scope/Lens:
Zuiko 28 mm f/3.5
Photo tripod
Guide Scope/Camera:
Exposure Details:
Film was Kodak EliteChrome 200. Exposure data was not recorded, but aperture was probably f/3.5 and duration was about 45 minutes.

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