Partial Solar Eclipse - Time Lapse Sequence
Photographed by Fred Lusk on June 10, 2002
From The Discovery Center, Fresno, CA
This picture contains 14 separate images of the June 10, 2002, partial solar eclipse taken at roughly 10-minute intervals from the start of the solar eclipse to near the end. Approximate times are included with each image. Unfortunately, the end of the eclipse was lost in the trees on the west side of the observing site. For 9 minutes out of every 10, my telescope was set up with a diagonal and eyepiece for public viewing. In the 10th minute, I swapped out these pieces for my camera to get the images, then swapped them back in again. Unfortunately, in the rush, I didn't always get the focus right.
Imaging Camera:
Celestron C5+ SCT (1250 mm FL, f/10) w/ Baader Solar Filter
Imaging Scope/Lens:
Olympus OM-4T (35 mm SLR)
Celestron C5+ single fork arm with integrated wedge
Guide Scope/Camera:
Exposure Details:
Boot's Camera handled developing and scanning the negatives. The rest of the exposure data is missing, but this is likely what I did: [1] Film was probably Kodak Royal Gold 100. [2] Exposures were probably determined by spot metering and exposure compensation. [3] Shutter speeds were probably in the 1/125 to 1/250 second range.

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