The Western Veil Nebula (NGC6960)
Photographed by Scott Davis on July 7, 2013
From Golden State Star Party
The Western Veil Nebula, also catalogued as NGC6960, is a supernova remnant in the constellation Cygnus. The nebula seen here is actually a small part of a much larger nebula, called the Cygnus Loop. The supernova that created it happened some 6,500 years ago, and the remnants have expanded to an area roughly 3 degrees in diameter. Its distance is estimated to be 1,470 light years from Earth.
Imaging Camera:
Canon EOS 60D
Imaging Scope/Lens:
Orion Astrograph 8" f/3.9 Newtonian
Celestron CGEM (Hypertuned)
Guide Scope/Camera:
Orion Astrograph 8" f/3.9 Newtonian
Exposure Details:
Camera settings were ISO 1600 with 170-second exposures. A total of 22 light frames, 10 dark frames, and 50 each of flat, dark flat, and bias frames were stacked to create this image.

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