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Courtright Reservoir
Our observing and camping location at Courtright Reservoir is a large, flat granite area on the East side of the reservoir, just before the Dusy-Ersham four-wheel-drive trailhead.

Take Highway 168 East up into Shaver Lake town. After entering the town, turn right on Dinkey Creek Road and go approximately 13 miles. Just before the Dinkey Creek Campsite, turn right on McKinley Grove Road. Drive until you reach a long straightaway and a fork; turn left onto Courtright Road.

Once you arrive at Courtright Reservoir, follow the road to the right, past the pump house and over the Courtright Dam. Continue down the road until you see a set of green metal gate posts. Go through the posts and immediately turn right onto the granite slab. This is our observing spot.

Latitude: 37° 4' 53.6196" W
Longitude: 118° 57' 47.5662" N
Elevation: 8139 Feet

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Courtright Reservoir