Who Should I Contact?
Depending on your needs, you may find it difficult to decide who to contact. Because of this, we have designated several board members to serve key public functions. Use these contacts if one of these functions meets your needs.
Star Party Coordinators
Do you belong to an organization or school that wishes to have a special star party event? If you are, then you want to get in touch with one of our Star Party Coordinators, who can bring your request to the membership and get somebody at your event. For best results, try to contact us at least 2 months prior to your event.
Star Party Coordinators: Brian Bellis
Member Name Title Phone Number E-Mail Link
Hubert Cecotti President Unlisted Send E-Mail
Brian Bellis Vice President (559) 288-2094 Send E-Mail
Scott Davis 2nd Vice President Unlisted Send E-Mail
Steve Harness Secretary/Treasurer (559) 292-2753 Send E-Mail
Brian Bellis Star Party Coordinator (559) 288-2094 Send E-Mail
Larry Parmeter Historian & Newsletter Editor (559) 276-8753 Send E-Mail
Scott Davis Webmaster Unlisted Send E-Mail
Steve Britton Director (559) 871-5207 Send E-Mail
Lynn Kliewer Director (559) 289-0563 Send E-Mail
Fred Lusk Director (559) 436-1833 Send E-Mail
Warren Maguire Director (559) 392-6331 Send E-Mail
VACANT Education Coordinator Unlisted Send E-Mail