President's Message
Welcome to the website of the Central Valley Astronomers! Astronomy is a wonderful hobby and profession, focusing on the study of the vastness of space beyond our planet. Depending on your level of expertise, it can be intimidating to wade through the variety of information and equipment available.
That, however, is exactly why we are here! Whether you just want to learn a few star and constellation names, or you want to photograph the heavens in their beauty, or anything in between, we can help you explore the options and make this fun hobby your own. Our membership comprises amateurs, professionals, and even teachers and professors. We have arranged a variety of activities to help you get to know us and learn about astronomy.
Our club meetings are a great way to meet our most active members face to face. Most meetings have an educational element, with a presentation by one of our members or a guest speaker, followed by coming events and general club business. Our dark sky star parties, typically at Eastman Lake, are the best way to learn about the various types of equipment available to amateur astronomers, be it a basic pair of binoculars or the many types of optics available today. We even do camping star parties up at Courtright Reservoir, for those who want to experience the darkest skies available in the area for multiple nights.
If you are wondering how to get started, please give one of us a call or send us an E-Mail. If you have an interest in space, we want to help you achieve your goals! Astronomy is a rewarding hobby and a wonderful adventure – we hope to see you soon!
Scott J. Davis, President
Central Valley Astronomers
Club Announcement
We are excited and pleased to announce that we are taking applications for the 2019 program year of the Young Astronomers Program. This one-year program is designed to teach young minds what they need to know to be an active amateur astronomer.
Completers of this program will receive their own 6-Inch Dobsonian telescope! Please head over to the "Young Astronomers Program" menu to get started and find out more. Use the "Contact Us" page to contact the Education Coordinator if you have any questions. To be considered, applications must be RECEIVED by October 31!
Random Astrophoto From the Gallery

Mauna Kea Observatories - Keck Twins
Fred Lusk - 6/9/2005
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Astronomy in the News ( RSS Feed)
Japanese Cargo Ship Launches Toward Space Station
(September 21, 2018)
A robotic Japanese resupply ship launched toward the International Space Station today (Sept. 22), kicking off a four-day orbital chase.
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They Made It! Japan's Two Hopping Rovers Successfully Land on Asteroid Ryugu
(September 21, 2018)
A pair of tiny Japanese robots sent back wild images once they successfully landed on their new home, the asteroid Ryugu.
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On This Day in Space! Sept. 22, 2006: Japan Launches Solar Observatory
(September 21, 2018)
On Sept. 22, 2006, the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency launched a sun-observing satellite called Hinode, or Solar-B.
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This Week's Top Space Stories!
(September 21, 2018)
A Japanese billionaire is the first SpaceX lunar tourist, tiny "rovers" begin their descent on asteroid Ryugu and a bizarre quantum physics phenomenon says objects can be two temperatures at once. These are some of the top stories this week from
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Hologram of NASA Astronaut Mae Jemison Arrives at NYC's Intrepid Museum
(September 21, 2018)
Visitors at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum on the Hudson River here in New York can now come face to face with a hologram of Mae Jemison, the first African-American woman in space.
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Japanese Cargo Ship Launching Toward Space Station Today: Watch Live
(September 21, 2018)
A Japanese cargo spacecraft is scheduled to launch toward the International Space Station today (Sept. 22), and you can watch the action live.
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Rover Team Confident Curiosity Will Bounce Back from Glitch
(September 21, 2018)
It's still unclear exactly what's ailing NASA's Curiosity Mars rover, but mission team members are optimistic they can get the six-wheeled robot up and running again.
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Coming Events (Next 45 Days)
CSUF Room EE-191 Club Meeting @ CSUF Room EE-191
Saturday, September 22, 2018
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Eastman Lake Star Party @ Eastman Lake (Star-BQ)
Saturday, October 6, 2018
Sunset:  6:36 PM
Darkness:  8:02 PM - 5:35 AM
River Park Star Party @ River Park
Saturday, October 13, 2018
6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
CSUF Room EE-191 Club Meeting @ CSUF Room EE-191
Saturday, October 27, 2018
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Today's Astronomical Zodiac Constellation

Virgo (Virgin Maiden)
September 16 - October 30
The Astronomical Zodiac is based on the position of the sun within the constellation boundaries as defined by the International Astronomical Union. For this reason, the length of time the sun spends in each constellation can be as few as 7 days and as many as 45 days (the Sun stays within Virgo for 45 days). It also includes Ophiuchus, the Serpent-Bearer, as a 13th constellation.
This is in contrast to the Tropical Zodiac used by astrologers, which are spread out evenly amongst the 12 constellations, and correspond to different dates.

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